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The story is about two estranged sisters will found each other in a delicate moment of their lives. The little one suffers from an acute fear of death and the other one has to leave for a very important business trip. In that period they have to make peace with life and to let go things.


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I'm a free writer so i'm searching for a full crew and someone who wants to produce my script.
This is a comedy drama who arrives finalist to the Rome independent film festival

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Open Job Positions

Protagonist Girl between 20-25, long light-brown hair, white skin
Co-protagonist Girl between 30-35, long black hair, white skin
Supporting cast Boy between 30-35
Supporting cast Man between 60-70, big size, streaked or white hair
Supporting cast Little girl between 8-11, white skin
Supporting cast Man between 40-45
Supporting cast Boy between 25-30
Supporting cast Woman between 40-45, big size, black skin
Supporting cast Girl between 18-24
Supporting cast GIrl, between 30-35, asian, preferably who can play guitar and sing
Supporting cast Boy, between 30-35, preferably who can play guitar and sing
Supporting cast GIrl between 30-35
Supporting cast Preferably a transgender boy between 30-35
Supporting cast Boy between 30-35, with prefarably a tattoed arm
Supporting cast Woman between 35-40, preferrably in a wheelchair
Extras A group of people between 35-55
Extras A group of kids, boys and girls between 8-11

Open Job Positions

More than one cameraman
Sound director
Set designer

Open Job

Film editor Carlo De Mariassevich
Cinematographer editStudio94 film & shooting production

Ilaria Ricci

Pitigliano (GR) - IT

I like to write from books to cinema. I live in beetween Lars Von Trier and Woody Allen quotes. Rock music is my inspiration too.

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